Digital Transformation

Infrastructure optimisation across your private, public or hybrid cloud

Where we differ

We offer an unbiased vendor-agnostic data-driven assessment of your existing infrastructure to precisely map out your environment.

We then work with you to build an optimised environment (private, public or hybrid cloud) based on your business needs. 

What we offer
in the cloud

to help you migrate, optimise and manage your cloud services

on premise

to help you optimise and manage your hybrid infrastructure

How we work

Step 1


We offer free trials of our software offerings that allow you to test on your site. 

This allows you to quickly scope out the capabilities and overall experience.

Step 2


On purchase, you will be able discover and precisely map out your entire infrastructure. 

After this step, you will be able define and align your business to your infrastructure.

Step 3


Employ the tool to perform its function to meet the intended business requirement.

For instance, migrate to the cloud, or manage your (entire) IT infrastructure. 

What this delivers
Virtana Migrate
Provides you with full visibility into your existing on-premises workloads and the tools you need to plan and execute your cloud migrations right the first time.
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Virtana Optimize
Optimise your capacity and costs in real time by coupling real-time data collection with analytics so you can stay on budget as conditions and options change.
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Virtana VirtualWisdom
Manage the availability and performance of your mission-critical workloads across your hybrid infrastructure using Al to monitor, analyse, and automate.
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Virtana WorkloadWisdom
Evaluate new storage products and technologies using your workloads to find the most cost-effective solution, and the limits of your infrastructure.
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